Our Company

We are the leading egg production and distribution company on the Iberian Peninsula, aimed at consumers and customers that demand a fresh product with excellent quality and food safety standards.

From our beginnings, over 50 years ago, we have incorporated all the elements required in order to achieve our main goals into our business and sales structure: THE COMPLETE PRODUCTIVE CYCLE, which is defined from producing the feed, the breeding and rearing period for the future laying hens, the grading and packaging of the eggs, to distribution through all the sale channels.

Our structure enables us to control product quality and maintain our competitiveness.

We have two major poultry complexes, equipped with the latest technology and a production capacity of over 2,000,000 eggs per day.

At Camar Agroalimentaria we have a global dimension, selling in the European retail market, in the Horeca (hotel, restaurant and catering) sector and exporting eggs to all continents.

We control the entire production cycle to guarantee the quality of the product.

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